The neck retention, which is one of many situations that can happen to many people, can lead to people of all ages. Generally, the neck can be cured with a variety of treatment methods that can be applied at home, such as a desk factor, a desk factor, a constantly in the wrong position, a stress factor that causes neck muscles to harden, cold airflow and a more frequent neck retention in people using very low pillow.

How Good Is It To Keep Your Neck?

Cold compress application

Cold compress application helps to relieve pain and leakage caused by neck retention. If you have a cold compress bag that you use at home, add cold water to it and apply it to your neck area for 20 minutes. But be careful not to let the water in the bag be frosted at this stage. If you are going to use ice sachets, wrap the bag between a thin cheesecloth or cloth and apply it for 15 minutes continuously. Otherwise it can lead to irritation and redness in the area.

Pain Relief Creams

Pain relief creams sold as prescription or over-the-counter will benefit in relieving pain caused by neck retention. At the same time, you will do with a cream suitable for your neck region, and you will lose the tension caused by not holding the massage. Massage your neck area for 5 minutes with the painkiller cream recommended by your pharmacist. Then wrap a cheesecloth or towel around the area. After the croissant has run out, the area will open the towel wrapping and will allow you to move freely.

Hot Compress Application

You will apply cold compress behind and hot compress will soften your neck area. However, be careful not to apply cold compress and hot compress on the same day. If you do it on the same day, the region may get more eclipse and pain. Heat the towel with an iron when applying hot compress. Keep your towel neck area cool and stand warm, with no skin burning. Wait for about 10 minutes, then heat the towel again and do the same. Do this for half an hour, then bathe with warm water and wrap your neck area. Take care not to get cold after hot compress application.

Movement And Exercise

It will also be beneficial to make various movements to get rid of the neck from the neck, which is often a result of long periods of inactivity. For this, you can turn your knee slightly left and right five times. At the same time, lifting and lifting the horn up and down five times will also make good sense for the possible neck retention problem. If you do this every morning in the morning, you will also avoid encountering the problem of neck stiffness.

Other Alternatives

Continuous movement will prevent you from having problems with neck retention. For this you can take five minutes a day and do neck exercises.
You can massage the navel with moisturizer or painkillers when the neck is held.
Try to stand up vertically and be careful to run your neck throughout the day. Constantly standing in the same position can cause retention.
Be careful not to be too loud or too low when you choose a pillow. People with low or high pillow preference can also cause neck pain and contractions.


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